Working for the City We Want

The answer is simple, yet complex.

Because of city services, we can turn on a tap and get good, clean water; we can flip the switch and we have light in our homes; we can walk out our front door and access a reliable network of buses, streetcars and subway; and we have childcare centres for our children while we are working.

Our city services help us get to work and after work, we have the world’s largest neighbourhood based library system; we have recreation programs for us, our children and our seniors. We have well maintained neighbourhood parks for playing, walking or just stopping for a moment to contemplate life.

And on weekends we can escape to the numerous large parks across the city for a bbq with our friends and family.

And at the scariest times of our lives, EMS and firefighters are there in a flash.

All of these services are governed by 44 ward councillors and one mayor who are accountable to you and I to make sure these public services are delivered.

Call me selfish, but I want to continue receiving these services. It is why Our City Matters.