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The City We Want

Toronto is a city with immense potential. Torontonians come from every part of the world. Our skills and creativity contribute to a richly diverse culture; our dreams are of a just society and decent future for our children and grandchildren. Tremendous wealth is generated here, yet at the same time, poverty wages are the reality for too many of our neighbours...


City Issues Impact All of Us:

Transit that is reliable, affordable and accessible More

Libraries, childcare, recreation programs and services for seniors More

Programs that fight poverty--and open doors for our youth More

The City as environmental leader, with green jobs, clean water and reduced waste More

Policies that support racial equity and women’s equality More

Neighbourhoods where families thrive More

Too Cool For School?

Turmoil and Transition in Shifting Toronto School Populations

Capacity problems at TDSB schools should come as little surprise – parents have been abandoning their local schools for “academic” ones where the demographics tend to be richer and whiter.

Read this article about the growing turmoil of TDSB school populations, and what it means for our funding formulae.

"I’m angry with trustees who went to the province with TDSB problems rather than working with the board to fix them." Read this commentary by Trustee Glover on "the view from inside a reeling TDSB."

For more information on TDSB funding, check out this report by Policy Alternatives.

We've Missed The Mark: Affordable Housing Targets

Build Toronto Fails to Meet Affordable Housing Targets

Five years ago, Build Toronto pledged to make enough land available to build 1250 units of affordable housing.

Since then, only 12 units of affordable housing have been completed, with another 25 in progress — a pitifully miniscule step toward fulfilling the original pledge.

How did we fall so short? The Torontoist examines this delay and investigates the lack of effort made toward reaching the urgent goal.

To view the original Memorandum of Understanding from 2010, click here (PDF).


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