Working for the City We Want

Wow! Lisa Raitt has endorsed Toronto mayoralty candidate John Tory.

The current Federal Minister of Transport was in town on the long weekend for the endorsement.

She may be best known as the federal Transport minister following the Lac-Megantic rail disaster and she insists self-regulation in the rail industry is the way to go, but Raitt was the federal Labour Minister from 2010 to 2013.

Raitt’s time as Federal Labour minister was marked with attacks on collective agreements. In June of 2011 she introduced two pieces of back to work legislation one aimed at the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the other at the Machinists who worked at Air Canada.

And then a year later, still as Canada’s Labour Minister she brought in back to work legislation targeting the Teamsters at CP Rail.

Raitt also repealed the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour regulations in 2012. These regulations, originally introduced in 1935, required that any federal contractor must pay their employees fair wages.

Fair to say she is no friend of organized labour or working people.

At the media conference for the endorsement, Raitt is quoted as saying that John Tory is someone the Harper government can work with.

Hmmm, what’s that cliché, you are known by the friends you keep.